New CHEMSOLUTE®-BIO dry media range

for microbiology

These CHEMSOLUTE® innovative media are commonly used in microbiological quality control. As all CHEMSOLUTE® microbiological culture media, they will also be available in 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg pack sizes.

Lactose broth 8620-500G
Classic medium for use in testing for coliforms and for enrichment of Salmonella, complies with APHA, AWWA, USP-NF and ISO standards.

Lactose Broth (DEV) 8869-500G
Liquid medium for enrichment and detection of coliforms in water according to German standard methods.

Malt extract agar 8287-500G
Solid medium for isolation and counting of fungi according to ISO 16212.


Product name
Product code
Packaging Size


500 g
Lactose-Bouillon DEV


500 g
Malt Extract Agar


500 g