• Snap cap vial kits
    by Labsolute®

    Even more practical for you!
    From now on, snap cap vials in combination with the corresponding caps are available in the form of kits in our LABSOLUTE® range.

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  • Practical packaging sizes
    For your high laboratory requirements in microbiology

    Made from particularly high-quality raw materials and with reliable batch quality: LB Medium and LB Agar according to Miller are now also in large containers and available in 2 kg package from stock.

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    LABSOLUTE® Disposable gloves

    We have good news for you: The tense supply situation for disposable gloves, as a result of the high worldwide demand during the Corona pandemic, is beginning to improve.
    Now the LABSOLUTE® Disposable gloves are in different versions, sizes and at attractive prices in stock.

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  • Determination of total water hardness
    Chemsolute® test kit in a practical suitcase

    We have added a practical innovation to our CHEMSOLUTE® range: With the CHEMSOLUTE® test kit in a functional suitcase, you always have everything you need to determine the total hardness of water.

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  • cotton swabs and wooden sticks
    from LABSOLUTE®

    LABSOLUTE® cotton swabs and wooden sticks are ideal for laboratory sampling and cleaning purposes. Wooden sticks can also be used at schools and universities for glow chip samples.

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