Adhesion slides for tissue sections

LABSOLUTE® microscope slides made of soda-lime glass comply with DIN ISO 8037-1 and 8037-2. This means they are the ideal solution for excellent and reproducible microscopy results. The microscope slides, measuring approx. 76 x 26 mm, have a thickness of around 1 mm and are delivered pre-cleaned and ready for use. The 20 mm wide, coloured or colourless frosted area is at one end on one side.

Adhesion slides ensure quicker flatness and better adhesion of the samples. The microscope slides with a white frosted area and ground edges are supplied in shrink-wrapped plastic boxes of 72 pieces. The angle of the edges and corners is 90° for both items.

Description PK Cat. No.
(+) positively charged 72 7695019 Open webshop
Silanized surface 72 7695021 Open webshop
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