Micro-inserts for vials with wide opening, PP

The micro-inserts made of transparent PP are suitable for

  • Short thread vials ND9, with wide opening made of glass or plastic
  • Screw neck vials ND10, with wide opening
  • Crimp neck vials ND11, with wide opening
  • Snap ring vials ND11, with wide opening
  • Shell vials, with a nominal volume of 2 ml

The micro-inserts with polymer foot are not suitable for shell vials.

Description Usable volume Nominal volume Size PK Cat. No.
µl µl mm
PP, transparent, conical tip 10 mm 250 300 29 x 6 1000 7654481 Open webshop
PP, transparent, conical tip, with polymer foot 250 300 29 x 6 1000 7648594 Open webshop
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