Stirring, Shaking, Mixing

Magnetic stirring bars, cylindrical, PTFE

The cylindrical LABSOLUTE® magnetic stirring bars have a smooth surface and are supplied in lengths from 10 mm to 80 mm. The PTFE coating means that they are particularly resistant to chemicals and...

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Set of magnetic stirring bars, cylindrical, 10 pieces, PTFE

The set of magnetic stirring bars from LABSOLUTE® is a perfect assortment of the most common sizes for almost all applications. The cylindrical, smooth, PTFE-coated stirring bars come in a solid box...

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Stirring bar retrievers

The LABSOLUTE® stirring bar retrievers in lengths of 150, 250 and 350 mm are suitable for removing magnetic stirring bars from vessels of all kinds. For this purpose, they have a strong permanent...

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