Cleanroom, Cleaning and sterilisation

2-Propanol for disinfection, 70 %

CHEMSOLUTE® 2-Propanol is ideal for the cleaning and decontamination of lab surfaces, production areas and processing equipment.

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All purpose cloths

The LABSOLUTE® all purpose cloths can absorb large quantities of liquid quickly and are suitable for universal use.

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Cleaning sponges

LABSOLUTE® offers high-quality sponges for cleaning and removing stubborn dirt on sensitive surfaces.

  • Household sponge in three different colours
  • Cleaning sponge with strong scrubbing surface...

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Cleaning wipes

The special finish and composition of the viscose and polyester fibres make the LABSOLUTE® wipes tremendously tear-resistant, very soft, solvent-resistant and low-lint.

  • No scratching of sensitive...

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Hand towels, 3-ply

Bright white, extra absorbent, interfolded, suitable for LABSOLUTE® dispenser system (7.695 261) and many more, economic use through high absorbency and comfortable size.

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Incubator disinfectant

Spray bottle for the disinfection of incubators and sterile benches. The CHEMSOLUTE® product is especially suitable for cell culture and molecular biology laboratories.

  • Prevents contamination and...

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Laboratory wipes, 2-ply

The LABSOLUTE® laboratory wipes made of non-chlorine bleached cellulose are especially low-lint and soft.

The holder is suitable for hygienic and easily accessible storage of the laboratory wipes. It...

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Water bath preservative (500 x)

Solution for the disinfection of water baths.
Not suitable for use in water reservoirs of CO2-incubators.

  • Antimicrobial and antifungal effect
  • Active ingredient: bronopol
  • Biodegradable and...

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Wipe dispenser

Secured to the wall, the dispenser ensures rapid and easy access to LABSOLUTE® wipes at all times. The white dispenser is made of sturdy plastic and is therefore particularly stable and resilient,...

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Wipe roll, cellulose

The 2-ply wipe roll from LABSOLUTE® is absorbent and tear-resistant. Two rolls each with 50 sheets of 20 x 26 cm are packed in a shrink wrap.

  • White
  • Grammage: 2 x 18 g/m2
  • Inner core Ø: 45 mm

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Laboratory wipes, 2-ply, 21 x 22 cm, pack of 30 x150 tissues, LABSOLUTE®