anhydrous solvents

with molecular sieve

Now on you can order the new Chemsolute® anhydrous solvents with molecular sieve.

Our three new dried solvents from CHEMSOLUTE® impress with a 4 Å molecular sieve.

Molecular sieves are synthetically produced zeolites with a defi ned pore size of their cavities. This allows the polar water molecules to be adsorbed and thus leads to drying of the specifi c solvents. This is necessary because many processes, e.g. of synthesis, do not tolerate disturbing impurities, such as water.

Diethyl ether anhydrous
Description Packaging PK Cat. No.
Diethyl ether anhydrous p. a. (min. 99.7 % (stab.)) Glass bottle 1 l


 Dichlormethane anhydrous
Description Packaging PK Cat. No.
Dichlormethane anhydrous p. a. (min. 99.95 % (stab.)) Glass bottle 1 l


N,N-Dimethylformamide anhydrous
Description Packaging PK Cat.No.
N,N-Dimethylformamide anhydrous p. a. (min. 99.9 %) Glass bottle 1 l